Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Edible? Asolutely!

I have found myself somewhat distracted, and otherwise obligated, to blog about topics that are not about food, drink, or the industry as a whole. This moment will change that.

Two-words: Potato Nachos

This lovely item can be consumed at Tavern United at all Winnipeg locations at a cost of $8. Enjoy with a beer or a lovely glass of thier house red, Jackson Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adventure on Thursday...

As I run down the halls of RRC Thursday afternnon, I curse at my feet for being sore.  Moreover, I think to myself, even though they are cute shoes, how long can I possibly keep wearing high heels. 

I approach busy William Avenue and see my truck parked oh so far away.  As I finally enter my vehicle, I breath a deep breath as I know I am on my way.  On my way to the school, where I taught for 4 years, to see a student that wasn't expecting me to be the one to give him his certificate of acheivement.

As he is called to the office, I sneakily hide half-way in the principals office so he can't see me upon his immediate entry.

The look on his face and the urgency in his step when he realized I was there, was heart-melting. He ran up to me, squeezed me so tightly, and asked the obvious question as to where I am and why I'm not working there.  I explained that just like him, I am learning so much in school and can't be at two places at once.

As the time for first bussers to board is quickly approaching, I tell him I have something for him.  I hand over an envelope sealed with just his name.  As he bounces in his step right beside mine, my feet even more swollen at this moment, I see him to his class.  I notice just how much he has grown over the summer. He asks when I am coming back and I tell him hopefully soon.

With mixed emotions, warm and fuzzy definitely took over the majority of this very day.

An excerpt of a short story for Creative Writing...

The stone wall of the Irish pub gives off cold and miserable vigor as she sits near it. Perhaps it is because she feels the cold come from within her very bones. It was almost as if she who ever has sat in the seat prior has contaminated it with melancholic liveliness. The fact that her table is positioned in front of a blazing fire place offers her no comfort or warmth. Her sunglasses hide her scarlet swollen eyes as she remembers the happenings of this very day. Faith has just come from her fiancé’s funeral.

Faith’s memories of him begin to flood her mind as she tries to subdue her pain by remembering what it felt like to be happy, to be safe in the strong arms of her lover and best friend. She can’t remember it now. All she can picture is the over-weight RCMP officer who came to her door one week ago. She remembers his handlebar moustache and the overpowering scent of Old Spice. She keeps hearing the two little words that ruined her life that very second and seeing the look of his face when he muttered, "I’m sorry."

She met her fiancé in the summer of 2004 when she was on a business trip in the Okanagan Valley doing a wine-tasting review for the magazine she worked for. Faith went out one evening to a lounge and while standing at the bar her future fiancé accidentally spilled some of his drink on her. He was with his friends celebrating a bachelor party. He was pushed ever so slightly but just enough for a few drops of his rum and coke to land her white satin three-quarter lenght sleeve. After apologizing profusely, an offer was made to buy her dinner and as she was in town for two more nights, she accepted....

....As Faith returns to the reality and the coldness of the pub she begins to sip her large glass of house red. Just as the wine from her fourth glass hits her upper lip, she is approached by a striking gentleman and her stomach drops and heart misses a beat as her blurred vision plays a trick on her mind as she sees him.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Twitter... Lemme 'tweet' ya...

Let me tell you, or should I say let me 'tweet' you.  I feel as though my inception to Twitter has come not a moment too soon.  I realize that this online networking site is not only fairly easy to navigate but you are able to 'follow' almost anyone you like.  I have recently been informed that Twitter 'offers PR practitioners the opportunity to reach million of members of their publics directly' as stated in our in-class assignment outline.

Plus you can follow interests such as food and wine perhaps? Or on a completely unrelated topic, someone awesome like Jimmy Fallon. 

Beverag-ing Internationally...

The buzz of Winnipeg's first Gastropub is on the loose!  Luxalune is one of Osbournes best kept secrets.  Its location isn't in the heart of Oz, however, definitely worth the trip that is a bit farther from downtown Winnipeg.  It features beer from all over the world and a variety of pub-inspired tapas. 

While dining there, we ordered the brezel pretzels and the cheesy chicken flautas.  The pretzles were soft on the inside and accompanied a nice salty crunch on the exterior.  The cheesy chicken flautas were done with re-fried beans served with salsa and sourcream.  The flavours were there for both items, however I would have liked to see more unique dips being internationally inspired.  All of the appetizers range from $8 to $13.

I opted to live adventurously and indulged in a Dr.Pepper brew.  Dr. Pepper you say?  Taking the conservative way out? Not entirely.  The Dr. Pepper brew is actually three fouths guinness, one fourth cola and one healthy shot of Amaretto.  I like it so much that once we left Luxalune and went to a more commercial pub, I ordered another.  The difference was in price only as I was able to enjoy the brew at Luxalune for a nice combined price of $8.95 where as ordering it at the alternative locale, I was charged for both the beer and the shot.  Yikes! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fine Brew for Flatlanders..

I'm not sure if anyone has any plans for this lovely rainy friday night, however, people who enjoy a variety of types of beer may have an option for their evening.

This evening from 7pm - 10pm at The Manitoba Moose Yearling Foundation, Winnipeg Convention Centre, 375 York Avenue, holds the last evening of the Flatlander's Beer Festival. As stated on the Desination Winnipeg website, this event allows different breweries to showcase their specific product.

$32.95 includes 5 sample tickets, additional sample tickets are 5 for $4 & can be purchased onsite at the Public Tastings or at any MLCC.

Have a great and safe weekend everyone!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spilled Milk or Spilled Cocktail?

While dining at Joey's this past weekend, I happened to be an on seer of an unfortunate event.  A gentlemen cocktailing in the lounge had spilled his drink all over the floor and despite my assumption of someone cleaning up the mess as soon as possible, it sat on the floor spreading its way through the grooves in the tile.  A few moments later as I look back towards the bar, I see a servers' bar tray fly through the air as she, in what seems to be slow-motion, slips and falls flat on her back.  Immediately after the fall, a mop is pulled out to clean up the mess that stayed a moment too long.  Can we say health and safety?  Crying over spilled milk is juvenile.  Crying over a spilled cocktail could very well be because you are in massive pain.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Lunching...

This afternoon my mother and I enjoyed a lovely lunch at the beautiful Pineridge Hollow just northeast of Winnipeg. Upon arrival to this re-furbished country estate, you immediately feel the essence of country living as you pass their organic vegetable garden and make your way inside along a cobblestone path.

As we entered part of their gift shop, we soon realize that they have expanded to offer unique furnishing merchandise to surely enhance any living space whether it be country or contemporary. Inclusive of gigantic European inspired clocks, antique room dividers and even a king size Victorian style four poster bed, you seem to lose yourself and pretend for a moment how lovely it would all fit into your idyllic space.

After perusing the elaborate shop, which is spread over two full living rooms and an upstairs loft, we remember the reason for which we came. A lovely light lunch offered in their tea-room inspired dining area upstairs.

On the menu:

-Panko breaded shrimp complimented nicely with a wasabi mayo and hoisin sauce. A sweet and savory appetizer which was full of flavor and not greasy even though it is clearly a fried dish.

-Fresh vegetable hummus wrap. Light yet satisfying protein enriched wrap full of flavor. A great vegetarian option.

-Curry noodle, hoisin chicken lettuce wraps with fresh julienned vegetables. A fresh and crunchy wrap presented to the individual to create the wrap to their liking. Served with a peanut satay sauce.

The service was friendly and efficient. We received this amazing lunch all for $28. A trip that was well worth the 15 minute drive to the property which is backed north on Bird's Hill Park.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Best before date: indelible

Hello and welcome to my blog.  Thanks for stopping by.  Here you will have the pleasure of encompassing my delivery of references, stories, locations and establishments that are directly correlated with local food and wine here in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.  More specifically, I will be covering different aspects of the hospitality industry of which I know and love so well.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and felt pampered like a prince or princess all while consuming someone else's creativity?  Or for that matter, attended an unbelievable farmers market and found items you didn't know grew in Canada?  How about your first job at the local hot dog shop, and when you mopped the floor, forgot to put the sign up and someone took an awful spill?  Well I have. 

I hope your as excited as I am to discover the stories, (told in great humiliating detail), recipes and fabulous locations that are right in our back yard.  Or if you live in the country like me, about 30 kilometers away which make for a lovely experience.

What ever and where ever your eating this weekend, enjoy who you're with, what your having and the context in which you are.