Monday, September 5, 2011

Enter Cafe Dario...

How would you like to escape to the flavors of Latin America

It has never been easier- all while staying in the Winnipeg limits. 

Café Dario offers it patrons a culinary experience of Nuevo Cuisine Latino in a fine dining setting. This menu complements a key-component Winnipeg is famous for: value.

With the five-course tasting, priced at just $35, people are able to enjoy the flavors, spices and chilies of Latin America, merged with the original components of North America that we know and love.

Chef Dario’s idea behind his first restaurant, Café Dario, was to be able to provide the flavors of his youth in Colombia combined with the culinary market of North America to deliver the refined taste of fine dining at a low cost.

A signature menu item of the quaint Café is a creation that can now be seen in some other restaurants across the city. His caper chimichurria sauce is a blend of red and green peppers, onions, garlic and capers all in a vegetable oil base and can be found on a succulent cut of filet mignon.

“Competition is healthy and re-production of any culinary creation is the finest form of flattery,” says Chef Dario.

With the menu changing regularly with what is inspiring and what is available at a good price, guests can expect different items with each visit. 

“We change the menu to maintain certain parameters of cost. I work with local distributors and search for my product at the best price to be able to offer my guests the best experience,” says Chef Dario.

The Café is a former house with rooms that have taken the shape of quaint dining coves equipped with a terrace and patio. The walls are decorated with culinary accreditation, as well as a collection of masks and artifacts from his homeland of Colombia, all which add to the stature such an establishment and the ambiance of a fine dining experience.

A future aspiration of this ‘diamond in the rough’ is for guests to enter not knowing anything aside from their love of the flavors, and allow the kitchen to prepare a five-course menu according to their creativity and resources.

But for now, you are able to choose an appetizer and an entrée. For the soup, salad and dessert course however, you remain in the capable and creative hands of the kitchen, and inspiration of Nuevo Latino.

Reservations recommended.

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